What we do

TRIP PLANNING // We customize travel guides + plan trips for individuals and groups. That’s our bread and butter. Whether it’s your first time traveling solo or you’re trying to get very OOO with co-workers, we design unique experiences around the specific needs and interests of women and non-binary travelers, as designed by those who live in and love that city most.

TRAVEL CONSULTATION // Need an itinerary for a press trip? Want input from local experts on anything from finding cool event venues to upgrading your restaurant menu? We consult for tourism boards, travel influencers, and businesses of all kinds.

CREATIVE PRODUCTION // If you want to create an experience or project fueled by the creativity of young, diverse talent (think: writers, DJs, event hosts)—we’ve got you. From planning global pop-ups to photoshoot casting, we can make your event, editorial spread, or other production into something with serious integrity.

BUSINESS STRATEGY // Whether you’re a boutique hotel, travel publication, or influencer, we’ll help develop a longterm strategy to expand your reach and provide insight into how young people travel + consume travel content.