customized travel guide

customized travel guide


Whether you're traveling to a new city or just want to *reconnect* with your own, get a personalized list of recommendations on where to stay, eat, work, beautify, + more.

Wherever in the world you're going, we'll do the research and hit up everyone in our network + beyond to find out the places *to be*, so you can have the stress-free, beautifully-curated travel experience you want. 

Fill out your travel deets + preferences and you'll get a digital itinerary filled with carefully-selected recs for whatever you need, like:

  • Dope hotels to stay at

  • Events/cultural happenings going on

  • New + staple restaurants to check out

  • Where local gurls shop

  • Workspaces to get to inbox zero

  • Fitness/beauty spots

Want M A J O R discounts + special access to cool hotels, events, restaurants? Let us fully plan your trip from start to finish.

Custom itineraries are available within two weeks of order being placed. Usually sooner! Will curate up to 7-day-long trip - more than that, please contact us for additional pricing. Questions? We got you:

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