custom travel guide

custom travel guide

from 60.00

Wherever in the world you're going, we'll tap into our network + beyond to curate a personal travel guide filled with places you’ll want to eat, stay, work, beautify, and more, straight from the women who live in and love the city you’re visiting. No stress. Flexible itinerary. Local insight.

Each of our guides distill a city’s unique identity, specifically targeted for young women and non-binary folks who are into art, good food, meeting new people, and giving back to the place they’re visiting. We like giving our $$ to women/LGBTQI businesses and assume you do too, so expect to be directed to tons of them.

Ready to get started? Share your travel details (dates, # of people, etc.) + preferences (travel interests, your aesthetic, etc.) and we'll create a stylized digital itinerary filled with a week’s worth of carefully-selected picks, like:

  • Boutique hotels to stay at

  • Events/cultural happenings going on

  • New + staple restaurants to check out

  • Cute places to shop

  • Workspaces to get to inbox zero

  • Fitness/beauty spots

If you’re traveling to one of our Sister Cities (AKA cities where we have in-house travel curators based) — NYC, London, Paris, Berlin, Mexico City, Dubai, Cape Town, Tokyo, and Manila — then your Sister City Guide will cost $60.

Traveling outside one of those cities? No worries, we’d love to help! Just because it’ll take us more time/effort to reach out to our global network and find the best of the best for you, your City Guide will cost $120.

Custom itineraries are available within two weeks of order being placed - usually sooner! Each includes 7 days worth of recommendations - if your trip is longer than that, please contact us after purchasing your guide. For Sister Cities Guides, each additional day is $20 and for City Guides each additional day is $25. Questions? We got you:

Which Guide?: